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About us

Caring for the world we live in is of the utmost importance to us. We act responsibly towards the life, safety, health and wellbeing of all.
Our social and business commitments, our products, our procedures, our corporate culture, as well as our selection of partners all stand as proof of our responsibility. We care for your welfare. When you are well, we are well too.
We believe that welfare is owed to all who strive for it.
As an organization with a keen awareness of its influence over the social climate and the natural environment, Aristea is committed to support their sustainable development. The sustainability principle is evident in our choice of business partners, procedures, equipment, and raw materials.
We sustainably produce both our own brands and private label brands for international companies and for the leading online marketplace.

Global Quality Standards

Global Quality Standarts

The company is a GMP Manufacturer, compliant with EN ISO 22716:2008 in the implementation of the good manufacturing practices of the Bulgarian National Association “Essential Oils, Perfumery, and Cosmetics”.  This means that we apply all provisions relating to the production, control, warehousing, and expedition of cosmetic products and strictly manage the quality of the finished product.
In addition to our influence as a trading entity, we also maintain an ISO 50001 for energy efficiency management, and have passed the SMETA audit for SEDEX members. This audit is an international recognition that Aristea upholds high ethical standards pertaining to 4 categories – standards of labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics.

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